Credit: Diego Donamaria/Getty Images for SXSW

After A$AP Rocky spent just under a month behind bars following a street brawl in Stockholm, Sweden, the rapper and two members of his entourage have appeared in court overnight. Held in a secure court room due to the strong interest from media and the public, alleged victim of the assault 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari, took the stand to testify against the defendant.

“I felt they were going to beat me to death,” the teen said in Persian, through an interpreter, according to CNN. The victim also told the court he suffered injuries to his arm and head in the fight, as well as broken ribs. According to the New York Times he also added, “If someone says in a nice way, ‘Go away from here,’ then you do,” he testified. “But he just pushed me. What he did was wrong.”

Prosecutors reportedly produced more than 500 pages of court documents in which they claim the rapper and two associates “deliberately, together and in agreement” fought the young man. A video of the brawl was also played during the proceedings shows Rocky throwing a man to the ground.

From the very beginning A$AP Rocky has asserted he was acting in self-defence and fear, after he and his team were “deeply” provoked. He has pleaded not guilty to the assault charges.

The ‘Praise The Lord’ artist will be cross-examined today. Stockholm District Court also has Thursday and Friday set aside for the trial.

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