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Earlier this year, we caught up with Jay Kloss to uncover his own secrets of success. Now, the young entrepreneur and Sales Director of The Bowery Collective has just opened “DOUGH”, his first sneaker store in Melbourne – and trust us, it looks dope!

In such a tough and saturated market, it’s getting harder and harder to do things differently, so we followed up on the business man for his goals with the new exciting project and the plan he has to take distance from the competition.

Can you give me some info about DOUGH in general. When did you come up with it and why?

“I started Dough as a passion and side project as an escape from my day job. Shoes and streetwear were always something I was interested in. I always managed to get my hands on limited edition shoes and my enjoyment for collecting them expanded. My friends became interested and my hobby expanded further by purchasing and supplying them to my friends.”

“Moving forward, I decided to create a shitty website with a friend of mine and started listing shoes. In the first year I did ZERO marketing. Sold 600 shoes. I came to realise I was onto something. A year later I sat down with a friend of mine, Chris Shao who had a lot of faith in me and my idea. He brought a share in Dough and off we went. Throughout 2018 we looked at countless stores and locations, [then] we found a shop on High Street in Armadale. With a large dose of hard work and good humour, we managed to launch Dough Store within only 10 days. We managed to transform what was an online store to a very successful retail store.”

Dough Retail Store in High Street, Armadale / Credit: Supplied

The sneaker industry is so competitive nowadays, but you always do things differently and push the boundaries. Tell us how you are planning to approach the market to provide a unique experience that puts you on a different level?

“I have a different outlook overall to my competition. Not only from a ‘retail store’ look and feel perspective but from a business perspective.”

“When buying high priced items – as a consumer, the environment and customer experience should fit the product. Its like when you go into YSL. There is a certain level of customer service, certain level of fit-out which combined, creates a more enjoyable environment. I’m not creating a store to sell shoes, clothing and collectables. I’m creating a place to hangout, see cool shit and have a good time.”

“This is the biggest difference between what we are trying to do compared to anything else in market. So in a nutshell, come in and see if I’ve achieved that, (laughs).”

Shop ICON’s Dough store picks below. And if you want to check out what all the fuss is about, head into 1268 High Street, Armadale, VIC, 3142.

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Follow Jay Kloss on Instagram at @jkloss and his store at @doughstore.

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