Danish company Georg Jensen has always approached design with the eye of a sculptor, especially with their jewellery. Their latest collection, Reflect, digs into this philosophy even further.

Dropping in March but available for pre-order from Georg Jensen today, Reflect reflects on some of the most iconic eras of fashion – Punk and ’90s industrial minimalism.

Reflect is a journey of nostalgia. Image; Georg Jensen

After Paul Mescal set hearts aflutter in Normal People with just the power of his ever-present silver chain, this subtle accessory has made a comeback on the necks of men and women alike.

And this classic piece of jewellery takes centre place in Reflect, reiterating both its essential simplicity but also elevating it with an edge straight out of Camden.

Created by Jacqueline Rabun, Reflect is a nostalgic trip through the heavy metal forms that pervaded the London’s underground punk scene and ’90s rave.

Chain links are reworked into organic silhouettes that, from a distance, appear to take on an industrial quality – oversized and chunky but without any of the weight of their referenced predecessors while interlocking ends that mimic the traditional clasp give bracelets and the chain an infinity effect with no obvious method to undo.

Inspired by punk and ’90s subcultures, Reflect draws on industrial details and organic silhouettes. Image: Georg Jensen.

“This beautiful collection gives the classic chain a brand new and contemporary look, all while retaining the superior and expert craftsmanship Georg Jensen is known for,” explains Ragnar Hjartarson, Georg Jensen’s Creative Director.

While Georg Jensen might be better known for their sleek homewares – if cutlery can be said to have sex appeal, their Arne Jacobsen line is practically raunchy – their jewellery is a masterclass of Nordic aesthetics with contemporary elegance.

Entirely self-taught, Rabun brings an intuitive sensitivity to the brand’s body of work. Having already created two acclaimed collections, Reflect rounds out the collaboration. Drawing on her previous line, Raw Elegance, Reflect embodies the free spirit that was a defining feature of the ’90s when Raw Elegance was launched.

“The name is a perfect expression of how the design of the collection was born; it reflects the times past and present and how we are connected through the human experience,” says Rabun.

Reflect is available for pre-order now from Georg Jensen. The collection will arrive instore in March.