Harry Styles, fragrance, Pleasing
Image: Instagram/Pleasing

In his latest quest to conquer more than just the music charts, Harry Styles has ventured into the realm of scents with his beauty brand, Pleasing. Known for its array of nail polishes and skincare goodies, the brand is now sniffing around in the lucrative world of fragrances. In what might be a bid to make the world smell as stylish as it sounds, Pleasing has finally rolled out its debut fragrance line this month after edging us for weeks. The launch coincided with Styles revealing his new look of a freshly shaved head much to the dismay of fans of his more familiar follicular fantasy.

These scents are the result of a collaboration with Robertet, a natural fragrance firm, and come with the quirky addition of peel-off fragrance strip samples for those who shop online. In an interesting move, Styles has decided not to be the poster boy for these fragrances, perhaps believing that the scents can make their own introductions. It seems Pleasing is not just about Harry Styles, but also about the art of subtlety and letting the products sing (or in this case, smell) for themselves.

Image: Instagram/Pleasing

Shaun Kearney, the CEO of Pleasing, described this expansion as a natural progression for the brand, rooted in its commitment to colour, storytelling, and sensory experiences. He emphasised the brand’s strategy to diverge from complex scents flooding the market, aiming for elegant simplicity instead.

These fragrances, available on Pleasing’s website, are set to make their way into physical retail stores soon, further broadening Styles’ impressive beauty portfolio. The scents are a true embodiment of Styles’ artistic vision, offering an intimate sensory journey:

  • Closeness encapsulates the essence of a warm day transitioning into a moonlit night, with a blend of Australian pink pepper, orris butter, and cashmere woods.
  • Bright, Hot invites you into a sun-soaked dream with notes of plum, marine accord, and vanilla absolute Madagascar.
  • Rivulets offers an intriguing blend of ambrette seeds, white linen accord, and skin musk, reminiscent of a fleeting, enchanting encounter.

Currently, Australian fans can get their hands on one of the popstar’s fragrances through Selfridges and Pleasing’s website, albeit with along with some shipping costs. However, with Pleasing’s planned expansion into the US and other markets, these captivating scents may soon become more accessible worldwide. With this launch, Styles continues to redefine the boundaries of beauty and celebrity branding, promising even more exciting ventures in the future.