Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100

Happy 50th Birthday Jay-Z, and what a happy day it is. And while the RnB star will no doubt be showered in gifts this week, the rapper is giving back to his fans and to Spotify as he returns his catalogue of music to the streaming giant. In April 2017, some of his most beloved tracks vanished from the app “at the request of the artist”. While it remained on Apple Music it hass been a long time coming for some fans.

“Happy Birthday, Hov. Welcome back to Spotify,” the service published to Twitter.

For several years, Jay-Z’s Blueprint music has remained absent from Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, only found on the artist’s co-owned service TIDAL. However, after acquiring the service for $56 million in 2014 from Norwegian media firm Schibsted ASA, problems arose quickly. 12 months later, it was reported that the award-winning artist accused the company of inflating subscriber numbers at the time of the deal.

In January of this year, TIDAL was again accused of exaggerating streaming numbers.

Nevertheless, welcome back Jay-Z. It’s been a long time coming.