However you feel about Kim Kardashian, we were all collectively shocked when the reality star was the victim of a horrific robbery that saw her held at gunpoint and left bound and gagged in a hotel bathtub. Now, one of the five robbers has been interviewed by Vice News, and had some pretty disgusting things to say about what went down.

“Since she was throwing money away, I was there to collect it, and that was that,” Yunis Abbas told the outlet. Abbas spent 22 months in prison for his role in the heist, but was released early due to health concerns.

“They should be a little less showy towards people who can’t afford it,” he added, speaking generally about wealthy celebrities. “For some people, it’s provocative.”

Abbas says that Kardashian’s social media presence assisted the gang in their robbery. “I went on the internet, and it’s true, I saw her jewelry, I saw her ring, I saw that she showed it everywhere, and we knew this information through social media.”

Kim Kardashian in Paris for a fashion event the week before the incident occurred. Image: Getty

He said seeing her wealth online inspired his actions. “She’s got a lot of money. This lady doesn’t care at all,” he added.

Kim Kardashian was traumatised by the event. In statements released from the police report at the time, she described the terrifying ordeal. “They grabbed me and took me into the hallway. I was wearing a bathrobe, naked underneath. Then we went in the room again and they pushed me on the bed. And, it was this time, they tied me up with plastic cables and taped my hands, then they put tape over my mouth and my legs.”

Her trauma was exacerbated by the flippant way many addressed her experience. After a costume store made a Halloween outfit out of her robbery, Kardashian said in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians “It’s really is hard when people don’t treat you like you’re human and you’re going through such a raw experience. I even saw a comment that someone wished I died that night … It just really sucks when you’re getting judged by the whole world.”

Kardashian broke down in the same episode and explained that she was seeking therapy to cope with her experience.