Since the late 19th century, William De Morgan has been known as a world-renowned British ceramicist, best recognised for his Arts and Crafts tile designs. For Loewe creative director Johnathon Anderson, the artist and his innovative methods of glazing, firing and colouring make the perfect collaborative project as the Spanish fashion house continue to look to different “Arts and Crafts heroes” and personal inspirations for the head designer. In apt timing for Christmas, the work of Morgan has been immortalised into a whimsical, imaginative capsule collection. An otter, a wading bird, a dragonfly and a dodo – images distinctive in style from the work of William De Morgan – are brought to life in a stunning combination of stop-motion animation and live action to launch LOEWE’s new range of ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women.

Directed by Nina Gantz, the 60-second video campaign accompanying the collection was brought to life by a large team of 60 people – not including the choir. Behind handmade sets, the film titled ‘An Otter’s Tale’ follows an animated otter as it leads viewers into a curious, alternative world. A collection of half-human, half-fantasy creatures are featured – a wading bird stands in a wooded grove beside a pond from which a second live action model, wearing a frog suit, emerges to flick out his tongue to catch a passing animated dragon fly.

The attention paid to the finest details of the production reveals the world class craftsmanship that characterises the LOEWE William De Morgan capsule collection, which includes a striking black leather jacket with a crimson dodo painted on its back and a peacock-print trench coat in indigo, cerulean and green among its array of luxury ready-to-wear items. But make no mistake, while the campaign coincides with the Christmas season, there is no fairy lights or tinsel in sight.

Credit: Supplied

“This campaign defies all Christmas clichés,” Johnathon Anderson says. “The English potter William De Morgan was the main inspiration for the new collection and his work lent itself very well as a starting point for a darkly strange and fun film which epitomises the collection.”

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