Credit: Mankind

Hailing from the country of Indonesia, streetwear label Mankind is known for its exploration of Western-style themes, and after unveiling its latest lookbook for Spring/Summer 2019, the brains behind the operation is revisiting its roots. Highlighting and exploring the culture of Native America, the brand is taking traditional influences to the streets.

Entitled “Tribes of the Horde”, the collection draws inspiration from history for a number of relaxed silhouettes, all adorning western themes and images. From headdresses to horseshoes and camouflage, the collection is largely made up of cuban shirts, button-downs, t-shirts and casual outerwear to pair with basics already in your kit. Spring/Summer 2019 most notably showcases intricate embroidery and graphics.

According Mankind:

“The Wild West is one of the most fictionalised and romanticised periods of American history, along with the longstanding issue of cultural appropriation of Native American people. The disrespectful naming of Indians is a product of ignorance, as comedian Louis C.K. demonstrate in one of his standups, or even worse, a product of racial supremacy. One of the first documented events of cultural insensitivity towards the Native American people was in 1927, when an Iroquois chief, So-Tsien-O-Wa-Ne, patrolled the Central Park’s lake in a canoe to promote New York events and locales. These insensitivities end when we start to respect.”

Check out the new collection below. No word has been said over the release date, but is expected to drop in stores in the upcoming months.