Credit: Sotheby’s

Earlier this year, street fanatic and skate deck collector Ryan Fuller auctioned off his entire Supreme collection after 20 years of sourcing. Sold to a 17-year-old for $800,000 USD, the true worth of the streetwear giant was made apparent, if not for the constant sell out collaborations and seasonal drops.

Following the successful sale, auctioneer Sotheby’s is gearing up once again to sell off another lot of highly regarded Supreme pieces. From the archive of Yukio Takahashi’s stockpile, 1,300 accessories will be put up to bidders late this month after the impressive collection was exhibited at the Jason Vass Gallery in Los Angeles, late last year.

“What makes Supreme’s accessories the most exciting part of their product line is its unpredictability, multifacetedness and genius choices in collaborations,” Takahashi told HYPEBEAST. “I have enjoyed collecting Supreme for nearly a decade and the process and result have both surpassed expectations. Now it is complete to the best of my knowledge and is at a good stopping place. Once Sotheby’s was mentioned, I recognised there would be no better way to sign off. Exemplified by their NIGOLDENEYE® sale, the capabilities of Sotheby’s are second to none.”

Pieces will be offered in group and single lots, and include extremely rare items such as the Stern Pinball machine, Everlast boxing series (including the heavy bag) and Coleman Motorbike.

To check out the pieces, they will once again be put on exhibition in Hong Kong from May 24 to 28, with bidding open from May 20. For more information, visit the Sotheby’s website here.