How Photographer George Byrne Captures The Colours Of Los Angeles

In the streets of Los Angeles’ urban sprawl, Australian photographer George Byrne finds vignettes of uncanny surrealness

Kid’s Stuff

Young bloods are forming a fashion nation. High style straight out of high school means Dad’s vintage is cool, designers are deities and there’s no such thing as being overdressed. Just don’t grow up, it’s a trap

Moon Landing

Reaching into time and space, a continuum calls upon a burgeoning eclipse. Both shadowed and glowing, this galactic rising casts a soigné silhouette. It shapes a dark side in an incandescent light, as an interplanetary creature awaits. Suited by the decadent and the ominous he forges into the void, destined for the dimension of a future world

Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp Has Big Dreams Beyond The Town Of Hawkins

Ditching the familiar '80s inspired fashion for the chic coolness of Fendi Fall 2022 collection, the actor discusses his plans for going global

Noah Schnapp

The 17-year-old Stranger Things star ditches the familiar '80s inspired threads for the chic coolness of Fendi

Pink Ink

The revolution is pink. Swathed in marle armour and with eyes on the future, the battalion of new-suiting revs a psychedelic engine. Storming through on ombre dust of rouge and rose, the rebels ignite in a uniform for the new utilitarian. Blooming and vengeful they forge a counterculture, embracing their furious beauty

A Country Manor

Sun blisters the ivy walls of the Tuscan manor, casting shadows long and rugged. And although he comes to tame the vining tendrils, its sprawl grips the fresco more vigorously every season. He visits in the Fall, wrapped in coats to shield from northern winds, woollens ripe for vineyard walks and leathers for motoring over the ranges. Each year he watches as the evergreens take over, slowly surrendering to their steely hold, laying grateful amongst its earthen nest

Watch Yourself

A portrait of a timepiece. This is a captivating reflection of time in its counter, exquisite horology that distills a sartorial decadence. With angular intricacies, moody chronographs and vintage details, these are watches for the fashionable collector

They See Me Rolling

Between them they have over 600,000 TikTok followers, with viral videos that rack up over 7million views. Together, models and creators, Odell Mun and Bless Nyemah are making big noise for a new generation and big style for the new-age gentleman. In pieces from the Fall 2022 Coach collection, the boys hype the return to upscaled grunge, vintage shearling and reimagined plaid – sparking fresh nostalgia for the new season fire

A Journey Through Oasi Zegna

We have a duty to the planet. As custodians, caretakers of its wonders and fragile, elemental balance. We adventure across its surface, adorned in luxe fabrics, a cashmere born in Oasi Zegna. Lungs expand with the crisp air, mirrored in wool’s lightweight breathability. As we trace our own paths, Zegna begins its 100 percent traceability of its precious fibres. The need to return to nature, where all things begin. All things in harmony, all things in nature

Full Force

A lakeside escape, seeking adventure and calm contemplation on the surface of the water which reflects back the patterns of the landscape. His eye is geared towards such patterns - following them, seeking meaning from them and recreating them. The way the blue of the sky is mirrored in the rows of chairs, the repetition of the kayaks. An O’Lock, interpreted into knitwear while an iconic monogram is given new real estate across tailored blazers. Nature is graphic, and he is the designer of his own world

How Dion Horstmans Became One Of Australia’s Most Sought-After Artists

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes the biggest impression. ICON finds out why there’s more to sculpture artist Dion Horstmans than meets the eye

Man Of Steel

As an artist, Dion Horstmans reforms the physical to reflect an inner dialogue between light and shadow. For our shoot, ICON expands on this idea, capturing the flex of metal in luxury timepieces while contrasting with the resilience of utilitarian fibres to explore materiality and texture

In Barbès, Paris, Fashion Is The Language Of Urban Rebellion

From the streets of a Paris you might not know comes the sartorially rambunctious community of Barbès. For the young men of this district, fashion is not a superficial statement – it’s a code, a culture, a language, a lifestyle

Le Jardin des Délices

A return to softness, a return to the pagan and a sense of play – a pas de deux between man and nature

The Dreamer’s Studio

The boundary between dreams and the waking world blur in art. The late Virgil Abloh knew this on a deep level, and throughout his four-year tenure at Louis Vuitton he fused the two to deliver collections that spanned fantasy and functional form. Through fashion, we wear our dreams on our sleeves – recreations of art depicted in graphic form in coats. Workwear, streetwear and suiting are indeterminable because when you live your dream, work is leisure. Pleasure is in the detail and the details are inspired

Into The Blue: ICON Meets Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender

An icon of contemporary luxury, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the finest, most aspirational whiskies one can drink. ICON sits down with the brand’s master blender Dr. Emma Walker to discuss the storied making of the Blue Label blend, its elusive quality and character, and how best to enjoy the elegant drink with family and friends

Meet your ICON #09 Cover Star: Noah Beck

What started as a simple bet between siblings quickly became a turning point for TikTok’s biggest male star Noah Beck, catapulting him into a world he never dreamed of

Noah Beck: Fielding Dreams

Deep in the peaceful plains of Wyoming, TikTok star Noah Beck gets off grid with French label AMI