Protecting your privacy is important to us. If we collect or otherwise deal with your personal information, we will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles contained within the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about how owned and operated by Grace Publishing Pty Ltd ABN 51 604 546 347, (“Grace”) will collect, hold, use, and disclose personal information, how individuals can gain access to personal information held by us and how an individual may inquire and complain about how we deal with personal information. This Privacy Policy should also be read in conjunction with our Terms regulating the use of the Web Site (available on this Web Site).

We only collect your personal information where that personal information is necessary for one or more of our functions or activities. Depending on your relationship with us, this information may include, but is not limited to:

·         phone number;

·         first and last name;

·         delivery address;

·         valid email address;

·         billing address; and/or

·         personalised messages for gifts.

When collecting this personal information, we will do so only by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. When collecting personal information about you which, for the purposes of the relevant privacy laws, is regarded as sensitive information or health information, we will collect that information from you or from third parties only with your consent. Where it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we will only collect personal information about you from you directly and not from third parties. However, in some instances, this will not be practicable. If we collect personal information about you from a third party then we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you receive the information that we are obliged to make you aware of. This may involve us contacting you directly, or a third party discharging our obligations on our behalf.

Grace collects, uses and discloses your personal information for a range of purposes. These purposes depend largely upon your relationship with us. We will use personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected. The primary purpose of collection is the main reason we collect your personal information in the first instance. For a supplier, the primary purpose may be to maintain a business relationship with you, for a job applicant, it may be to conduct recruitment, for a customer, it may be to organise, facilitate and fulfill your order for product(s) and services and/or to keep you informed of our marketing activities. We will only use personal information beyond the primary purpose where it is related to that purpose or where you consent to the further use. Generally speaking, Grace uses and discloses personal information for purposes such as:

·         to facilitate, maintain and continue a business relationship with suppliers or distributors;

·         future promotional and marketing purposes including direct marketing purposes;

·         to facilitate and fulfil orders for product(s) and services and to notify customers or others of products and services of Grace or other organisations that may assist you, including any special offers available. For the avoidance of doubt, any person submits their details on the Web Site consents to their information being used by Grace to facilitate and fulfil their order and to, for an indefinite period unless otherwise advised, send them both current and future marketing and promotional material and/or consumer offers;

·         to deal with any enquiries or complaints of customers or suppliers;

·         for market research on products customers may be interested in;

·         to improve the quality and level of the products and services we offer to you; and

·         statistical purposes.

Where necessary, we may contract out various services associated with our functions and activities. This may involve the disclosure of your personal information to other persons and organisations within Australia

Subject to the above, where we disclose your personal information to other parties, we will endeavour to ensure that your personal information is handled in a manner consistent with our obligations under this Privacy Policy. Where appropriate, we will ensure that your personal information is de-identified before being used or disclosed or destroyed or de-identified if it is no longer necessary that it be retained. The types of persons and organisations to which we may disclose your personal information include the following:

·         organisations with whom we have arrangements or agreements for the purpose of promoting our products or services and any agents used by us in administering such arrangements or agreements;

·         our agents, contractors and external advisers who carry on our functions and activities or who assist us to carry on our functions and activities from time to time;

·         organisations who are contracted by us to perform certain services, including to maintain the Web Site and the personal information collected, provide cloud storage and management services for personal information, deliver products ordered on the website, handle complaint and queries or facilitate any other service offered on the Web Site;

·         our legal advisors, when needed; and

·         other parties to whom we are authorised or required by law to disclose information.

We collect only minimal amounts of sensitive information. We will only collect sensitive or health information from you or about you with your consent. By supplying sensitive or health information about yourself in writing you will be taken to have given your consent to our collection of that information. In most instances, when we collect personal information directly from you, we will obtain your consent to use it for our various purposes. When we obtain information from a third party we will usually enlist that third party to obtain consent on our behalf.


Grace will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that we collect, store, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date. We will also take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, interference, modification or disclosure in accordance with the requirements of our Privacy Policy and the applicable privacy laws.


You may request details of the personal information we hold about you, by writing to or contacting us on the details provided below. No fee will be charged for making the request. We may charge a fee for the provision of this information to cover administrative costs, however, we will inform you of any fee at the time a request is made. In general, we will allow access to the personal information we hold about you, however, we may deny access to you to the extent that:

·         providing access would pose a serious threat (or in the case of personal information other than health information, a serious and imminent threat) to the life or health of any individual;

·         providing access would have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of other individuals;

·         your request for access is frivolous or vexatious; orit is otherwise appropriate for us to deny access in accordance with the applicable privacy laws.

Should we deny you access to any personal information following an access request we will provide you with a reason for the denial. If you are aware that any of your personal information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date following an access request, or because your circumstances have changed, please inform us so that we can update our records. We will correct any incorrect personal information and will not refuse to make a correction without providing you with a reason for the refusal. However, if we do refuse to make a correction, we will take reasonable steps to place with the disputed information a statement from you claiming that the disputed information in your opinion is not accurate, complete or up-to-date.

Grace keeps track of the domains which people visit on this Web Site through the use of “cookies”. This data is analysed for trends and statistics.

“Cookies” are a standard for storing small pieces of data on a web client (i.e. the web browser on your computer). Any Web server (including this one) may: store one or more cookies in your browser; or request your browser to transmit the data to the Web server. This Web Site may store cookies in order to better serve you upon your subsequent visits to this Web Site. By using cookies, Web sites can track information about visitors’ usage of the site, provide customised content, or even the use of password protection. Note that some browsers can be configured to allow cookies to be accessed by servers other than the originating server. Please note that most Web browsers can also be configured to notify the user when a cookie is received, allowing you to either accept or reject it.

You should be aware that when you are on our Web Site pages, you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect data or solicit personally identifiable information. Remember, this Privacy Policy is strictly limited to Grace’s collection, storage and use of personally identifiable information collected via the Web Site or otherwise in the course of its business, and does not apply to any third parties.  You should therefore check the individual privacy policy of any third party when accessing other websites that may be linked to our Web Site.

Please keep in mind that whenever you give out personal information online, for example, via message boards or chat, that information can be collected and used by people you do not know. While Grace takes reasonable measures to protect your personal information and privacy on our Web Site, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online and you do so at your own risk.

We may change our policies and update the Privacy Policy from time to time. We may send you an updated Privacy Policy using methods we choose from time to time, and will also publish it on this Web Site. For a copy of our most current Privacy Policy, please contact us on the details provided below.


If you wish to access or if you have any concerns or inquiries about how we deal with your personal information, you should contact our Privacy Officer at 233 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia or 02 9199 0609.

If you no longer want us to use the information collected in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, please contact the Privacy Officer. Please keep in mind that refusal to accept this Privacy Policy may mean that we will be unable to provide you with the requested services or fulfil your order.

If at any time you believe that Grace, has not adhered to this Privacy Policy or the applicable laws, if you are concerned that there may have been a breach of your rights under the applicable laws, or if you have any other comments on this Privacy Policy, please notify us via the above contact details. Grace takes such matters seriously and we will use all reasonable efforts to promptly deal with the matter.