How Dion Horstmans Became One Of Australia’s Most Sought-After Artists

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes the biggest impression. ICON finds out why there’s more to sculpture artist Dion Horstmans than meets the eye

In Barbès, Paris, Fashion Is The Language Of Urban Rebellion

From the streets of a Paris you might not know comes the sartorially rambunctious community of Barbès. For the young men of this district, fashion is not a superficial statement – it’s a code, a culture, a language, a lifestyle

Into The Blue: ICON Meets Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender

An icon of contemporary luxury, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the finest, most aspirational whiskies one can drink. ICON sits down with the brand’s master blender Dr. Emma Walker to discuss the storied making of the Blue Label blend, its elusive quality and character, and how best to enjoy the elegant drink with family and friends


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Meet your ICON #09 Cover Star: Noah Beck

What started as a simple bet between siblings quickly became a turning point for TikTok’s biggest male star Noah Beck, catapulting him into a world he never dreamed of