As one of the most anticipated shows at Paris Fashion Week, Matthew Williams’ 1017 Alyx 9SM presented its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the first runway for the four-year old brand. Surrounded by menswear’s most recognisable figures, Williams set the the runway in an eery basement space in an abandoned building.

As the new kid on the block for fashion week, much hype was built around the show and the designer sure delivered. Complementing the space, Williams’ collection combined imaginative hardware, utility pieces and futuristic detailing. In an almost state of dystopia, 1017 Alyx 9SM presented a range of basic tops and t-shirts layered with oversized, utilitarian outerwear. Black, white and denim mostly dominated the collection along with flashes of pale green, military and snake print, featured in mesh and vinyl pieces. Details are the Williams’ forte and as expected, inventive zippers, and Alyx’s signature rollercoaster clips were seen on bags, and belts.

As hoped, guests got a closer look at the collaboration between Nike and from what was seen, acid wash t-shirts, tops and caps will be included in the capsule. Nike sneakers will also have a place in the collaboration, with a martial arts crosses hiking boots aesthetic.

Williams changed the name of his label from “Alyx” to “1017 Alyx 9SM”, adding October 17th, for William’s birthday, and the address of his original studio, 9 St. Marks Place, in New York City. Take a look at the collection below.