Waiting Room

Oh the places you’d go, if you could just find the time. All the pondering and speculating, resisting and rain-checking, leaves little space for extra space. Patiently observing as life travels past, you await your arrival, your turn to get there. But, could there, really be here? And could here be better than there? You should take the leap. Cancel the queue and immerse yourself in the new and unknown. What are you waiting for?

Desert Spring

A sojourn along roads carved into the dry desert sands. Where daylight’s heat and night’s cold keep time, testing the endurance of travellers. Precious fibres are woven into technical utility, keeping both extremes at bay while providing the tailored luxury of modern man

Top Shelf

Mark the time not by hours or by minutes but by moments of play. Invest in a jigsaw! Challenge yourself with a game of wits. Every second counts, but only when you’re having fun

Brother Brother

French philosopher Paul Girard described human nature as mimetic – that we imitate what we desire. We become mirrors, create feedback loops and patterns that aspire to something new. Something beautiful

Language Of Scent

The power of fragrance lies in its ability to let us express ourselves without having to say a single word

Metal Movement

Theorists say time isn’t linear. Nor is it circular. It is, instead, attached to pockets of space. Between here and there. The future is there. Now it’s here. As everything moves, so does it change. Embrace the change