The New Garde

Old rules of proportions and fit are over. Oversized jackets contrast with snug trousers and pants are exaggerated in width or length. It’s the energy of youthful anarchy to flout convention and create a new style agenda

Neo Noir

Unplug. Reboot. Escape. Find your own edge with style that seeks to break free from the masses with precision details and technical fabrics

Night Thinking, Daydreaming

Moody. Seductive. Transparent. Relaxed overalls and sheer shirts encapsulate the many tempers of a musician’s mind in Paris

Intrepid Mind

Adventure is at the heart of self-expression and often it's through clothing that we truly explore unchartered regions of our own imagination. Clothing as culture, clothing as heritage, clothing as drama. Step into the unknown and discover new freedoms with fabrications inspired by adventure

Life On Mars

Virgil Abloh’s interstellar stylings for Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2021 put a high-fashion twist on space travel

Midnight Bodega Run

Before he exited Bottega Veneta, Daniel Lee added a darker edge to utilitarian aesthetics for his Fall21 collection