2019 marks 50 years since the celebrated Woodstock festival. Famed for its psychedelia landscape of alternative music and open rave culture, the once-annual event has immortalised into candid photography depicting mass gatherings of colourful prints and ’70s silhouettes. Paying homage to the hippie movement, functionalist designer Sandro Mandrino has united with Moncler for the next instalment on Moncler Genius.

Dubbed ‘Grenoble’, the newly-released collection boasts the design signature of the Italian creative and twists functionalism without the limits of pragmatic restraints. In apt timing of the Woodstock anniversary, there is a quirky fusion of mountain gear and festival style and these two seemingly non-matching worlds collide in the same line of dialogue. The result is layered, lively and liberated.

With the society of debauched festival goers and mountain cowboys in mind, the pieces focus on performance and are meant be worn while shredding the gnar and skiing the icy slopes. Fabrics are water and wind resistants, with membranes and velcro closures that allow for movement and protection; volumes are practical. In turn, the technical base provides a blank canvas for punchy, detailed prints, bright hues of colour blocking and motifs, a nod to the heritage of its main inspiration.

With nearly seven years as a Head of Design for Moncler Grenoble, Mandrino’s most recent collection sees Moncler Genius escalate to the next level with the addition of big name collaborations including the likes of Palm Angels and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The design platform reimagines the usual approach of twice-year collections and looks to fuse the DNA of Moncler in different sparks of ‘genius’.

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