An increasingly regularly player in the typical male’s grooming routine, night creams are ideal for repairing damaged skin and complexions aggravated from sun, smog, and pollution. Better still, plenty of the most effective on the market lately are based on natural ingredients like oceanic algae and powerful botanical extracts. Here are five of our favourite right now for making your skin healthier and stronger.

1. Anti-Aging Night Cream by Sephora
A cream that acts as a personal trainer for the skin, helping it to instantly fill the skin’s collagen deficiencies and stimulate the production night after night. How to use? Apply in the evening and massage from chin upwards to enhance the effect.

2. Botanical D-Tox by Sisley
An intensive night-time detox treatment that “oxygenates” the cells and removes toxins from deep in the skin. It’s also a serum that enhances the natural defenses of the skin, reduces fatigue and helps to revitalise it. The main ingredients are a new active peptide extracted from rice that allows cells to detox, and Ginkgo biloba to give the skin a burst of energy, making it brighter.

3. Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight by SkinCeuticals
A night-time corrective formula that mixes glycolic and phytic acid: the first stimulates cellular turnover to improve the grain and skin color, while the latter is able to neutralise the main causes (read smog and pollution) of dull skin. In addition, a mix of botanical oils, including jojoba and sunflower seeds, helps to form a protective layer on the skin that gives comfort and helps to preserve hydration.

4. Revitalizing Nuit Polaar Cream by Polaar
The secret of this cream night? Rhodimenia Borealia boreal algae extract. This is able to synthesise a high amount of phytomelatonin, an enzyme that allows the activation of all the biological mechanisms responsible for nocturnal cellular regeneration. Rich in beta-endorphins and essential nutrients, this boreal algae revitalises the skins stressed by the sun’s daytime offenses, smog and pollution.

5. Nourishing Night Cream No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture by This Works
An ultra-nourishing cream to combat signs of tiredness. Applied in the evening before going to sleep, this cream regenerates the skin thanks to the extract of the Persian silk tree, which stimulates detoxification, plus retinol, which promotes the production of collagen, and hyaluronic acid, which moisturises and plumps the skin.