The car industry is one of constant design evolution, but of the many new shapes, styles and concepts set to be unleashed on motoring enthusiasts this year, there are six in particular (all hinted at above) that you should be especially excited about.

Note the strong presence of SUVs in our list, a category of vehicles that does not seem to know crisis but rather, gathers more and more acclaim from the public and therefore more attention from companies, even those that historically have never had to do so (cases in point, Lamborghini, Jaguar or Alfa Romeo with last year’s Stelvio).

Then there are a couple of much-loved, iconic models (Porsche and Evoque) that are simply getting a high-tech facelift, plus a touch of green with I-Pace and Audi e-tron and a brand new big and exclusive coupe, BMW 8 Series, which certainly will dictate new aesthetic canons in its category.


Long awaited by fans, the new generation of the most beloved and best-known Porsche iteration (born in 1963) should finally arrive in 2018. Years ago, one of the managers of the Stuttgart house, Erhard Mössle, said “the 911 is always an evolution, not a revolution”. To that point, huge aesthetic changes are not expected, keeping continuity in the visual approach of the past five decades. The evolution is more likely to be linked to the engine, for the first time enriched with a hybrid and, perhaps, even an electric option.


New as it may seem, it’s already time for the already iconic and elegant SUV Land Rover to have a refresh, with the second generation entering the market around mid-2018. There should be no substantial differences, even if some leaked images during the test phase showed a forklift. Instead, it’s likely to be closer looks-wise to the design of the new Velar, with slightly sharper lines. It’s also possible it might have longer step, which would lead to more space inside.


The debut of the first Lamborghini SUV in history happened in December 2017, but the first deliveries are scheduled for European spring 2018. The car itself is a concentrated mixture of luxury and performance. Aesthetically, it does not betray its signature aesthetic, but under the hood it sports a powerful 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 650 horsepower.


This is perhaps the most important innovation German company Audi has ever unveiled: its first zero emission SUV. It boasts 100 percent electric propulsion from two electric motors (one for each axle) powered by 96 kWh batteries, which promise up to 480 kilometers of battery life.


All hail the elegant and exclusive new figurehead of the BMW brand. A large-size coupe that will also have a convertible variant and the traditional sports version, if it was to remain close to the aesthetics of the concept presented last year, the production Series 8 will be shown with a mix of style and sportiness, thanks with streamlined and sharp lines. Technical details are not yet known, but a good combination of performance and technology is expected.


Like Audi, Jaguar’s main innovation for 2018 will come in the form of an electric SUV, the company’s first. The world debut happened Geneva Motor Show (8-18 March 2018), where critics noted it looked like the older brother of the F-Pace (also an SUV), with a slightly smaller size but a longer wheelbase with more space for the driver and passengers. Also noteworthy is the promised 500 kilometers per charge, with a zero emission powertrain capable of emitting up to 400 horsepower.