Founded in 1994 by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher, Acronym began as a design agency offering contract services to larger firms, but in 2002, the company moved into production of apparel. Characterised by futuristic, tough and fully functional clothing, the Acronym brand can be considered a guerrilla group against mainstream fashion – and it seems to be working. Shying away from advertising and PR, the brand holds a niche an dedicated market towards its designs.

This season, Acronym have dropped another unannounced round of clothing, as shown in its latest campaign. For this latest release, the focus is on utilitarian pants in a martial arts inspired setting. Each style carries a relaxed fit for ultimate freedom and comfort, and with additions seen on the SP28TS-DS shorts, they double up as a tool belt for all of your equipment. Functionality doesn’t come cheap however, with the mentioned shorts retailing for €1,500 EUR, but the quality is unprecedented.

Along with the the three sets of bottoms, the drop also includes a staple (J69-GT) 3L GORETEX jacket for complete weather protection and a more minimal (J72-DS) liner jacket. Available from selected retailers, and at the online store.

Scroll through the action-pack campaign below.