On average, Australia as a whole spends approximately $2 billion on grooming products per year. Moisturisers of negotiable need and necessity, sunscreen (an absolutely non-negotiable),  cleansers, masques, concealers, exfoliants, toners – all of it, a massive industry aimed for the most part at selling a fast fix to something that is in fact a long game.

allies of skin, skincare, grooming, mecca

In light of this, there’s a good reason why Allies of Skin has become one of the most talked about grooming products in the market. Its no bullshit approach to skincare is an eyeopening take for an industry that can prey on insecurities. With an unheard of grand total of nine products to create your four-step regime, Allies of Skin sees efficiency in efficacy. Why waste time and money on multiple serums when you can create one product that does three of those?

It’s also helped that the brand has caught the eye of the “skincare celebs” who are known for both a less is more approach and actually just having darned great skin: Henry Golding, Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber and even Niall Horan has given the brand the thumbs up.

Founded in Singapore back in 2016 by Nicolas Travis, the line is credited for its simple approach to a daily regime using products packed with research-backed ingredients. No need for dramatic packaging or unrealistic claims. “Formula is everything,” says Travis and its an ethos that has provided the bedrock for the brand.

ICON spoke to Travis while he was recently touring Australia to launch his products exclusively with grooming and beauty haven MECCA to learn what inspired him to create the line, what he thinks is the biggest misconception and how Allies of Skin is changing the game one face at a time.

Allies of skin, skincare, grooming, mecca

 ICON: Skincare is such a competitive market – what made you want to launch your own line, Allies of Skin?

NICOLAS TRAVIS: When I was 19, I had an accident where I had broken several parts of my face, and I needed to have reconstructive surgery. I went to the best hospital and what I thought was a good surgeon.

The surgery was an utter failure. I ended up with two infections, necrosis, and dents on my face. It was then that I came up with the idea of having a skincare line. I figured that since I had to live with the damage on my face, my skin was a modality that I could change and be in control of. More importantly, after having severe acne…I know other people would have similar experiences. If I could help one person feel better about themself through their skin, then my painful experience would have been worth something.

Allies of skin, skincare, grooming, mecca

ICON: What is Allies of Skin’s goal when it comes to skin health?

NT: We believe that taking care of yourself and your skin should be effortless. So, we aspire to help you accomplish more with fewer steps. Our formulas are extremely concentrated, so they were designed to provide multiple benefits with results you can see and feel.

I think of skincare like going to the gym. You can’t go to the gym once every two weeks and expect results. Diligence and consistency will yield you the most results. So, we aspire to create formulas that are effortless to use, that give you joy and more importantly, give you clear skin that radiate with health with consistent use.

ICON: The term supercharged is used a lot when describing Allies of Skin products – what do you mean by this and how does it reflect on the ingredients?

NT: At Allies of Skin, we are driven by an ethos I call Supercharged Clinical. We take clinically proven active ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinoids, and we put our own supercharged spin on them.

For example, we have the world’s first and only waterless 35 percent Vitamin C Serum. Because of its waterless base, it has a three-year shelf life, and you can use it for 12 months after opening. This is quite unheard of for high strength Vitamin C serums. Also, not only do we have a 35 percent Vitamin C concentration, but we also include Superoxide Dismutase and Glutathione, two powerful antioxidants that support and enhance the potency of Vitamin C.

So, when we say supercharged, we don’t just mean maxing out ingredients. We also try to eliminate the pain points that consumers normally face with skincare formulas.

allies of skin, skincare, grooming, mecca

ICON: What’s the biggest myth in skincare you hope to see debunked?

NT: That one trendy ingredient can be a cure-all. There’s nothing that can deliver overnight results. Take Retinoic Acid, for example. This brilliant active is recommended by dermatologists globally and is the gold standard for treatment of acne, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. That said, even this brilliant active requires 8 weeks to work its magic.

So, please be patient with yourself and your skincare.

ICON: Favourite must-have product from the line?

NT: The Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment. I call it the Swiss army knife of moisturisers as it works on all skin types and checks multiple boxes of skincare concerns – it firms, brightens, protects, refines, and hydrates.