Tony Hawk 18 years old sits on one of his skateboard ramps in his back yard which he built for his friends and himself. Credit: Paul Harris / Getty Images

Tony Hawk is possibly the most celebrated skateboarder to hit the slopes, partly thanks to gaining ‘pro’ status in his mid-teen years. He has also become a household name in the world of skateboarding after he was the first to land a documented 900-degree spin in 1999 – since then, only a handful of people have managed to complete the turn, let alone land it. Now, a trailblazing 11-year-old is showing up the professional.

Brazilian kid, Gui Khury has made history to become the first skateboarder to land a 1080-degree turn on a vertical ramp, which translates to the three full spins. As reported by Highsnobietythe pandemic has allowed the young prodigy plenty of time to perfect his skills where he previously trained at their own built vertical ramp, bowl, and street course.

“The isolation for the coronavirus helped because he had a life that was about school and he didn’t have a lot of time to train, when he got home from school he was tired,” Ricardo Khury Filho said. “So now he is at home more, he eats better and he has more time to train and can focus more on the training, so that has helped.”

The record-breaking trick was published to Instagram. His celebration? Reportedly, mac and cheese – naturally.

Hawk was 31 when he landed the now-dubbed ‘900’. Khury landed the same trick at the age of 8 and hopes to work towards a 1260. American Tom Schaar did complete a 1080 in 2012, albeit on a mega ramp which allows for more height and velocity.