There has never been a better way to tick off the Northern Lights from your bucket list. If you find yourself in the snow laden country of Finland, located on the shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi, you can now view the natural phenomenon from your very own bed.

Coined “Arctic Fox Igloos”, this hotel is offering a must-do experience. In a remote setting ideal for viewing the Northern Lights, sits a line of rooms made up of a glass dome, as well as a small timber space for privacy. Offering a bedroom and kitchenette, the space is made luxurious with a bathroom and private sauna.

Other than its spectacular nightly displays, the property offers a series of arctic safaris where guests can explore the wilderness via snowmobiles, huskies, or even reindeer. During the summer months, you can take a fatbike tour of the Ranua forests, meet the local polar bears, as well as canoe across the lake right out your front door.

If we have you convinced to brave the cold, visit Arctic Fox for more information.