Marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances in the world, and in the sports industry it is estimated that 80 percent of athletes use marijuana in some way, social or medical. Yet policies are still in place that prohibit players to use the drug in any fashion, with drug tests being a common procedure. The threat of hefty fines and game suspension doesn’t seem to phase many players at all, and those who do use marijuana have found a way to cheat the system according to a report published by SB Nation.

Organisations such as National Basketball Association (NBA) dictate that a player busted for weed must enrol in a drug treatment program. A second offence can carry a $25,000 fine, while a third offence can result in a five game suspension.

Reported attempts to fake a urine test include drinking bleach and drinking litres of water in short period of time – both of which can prove fatal. “Drinking bleach will not increase a person’s chances of passing a drug test. Not in the slightest,” reports The Fresh Toast. “This concept is just some idiotic Internet rumour that was started years ago that some very special people have swallowed as gospel. Please do not do try this at home.”

“Mass water consumption is no way to trick a lab into seeing clean urine,” the report reads. “If you are leaning on this practice, moderate your water intake. Medical professionals recommend a person drink half their body weight in ounces each day. Stick with that.” Drinking large amounts of water over a short period of time can cause ‘water intoxication’. Water floods the blood system and causes the brain to swell.

The most widely used method to cheat the system however is the use of a prosthetic penis. One of the most famous athletes to try the prosthetic is heavy-weight champion Mike Tyson. Back in 2013, Tyson spoke with Chelsea Handler about his accounts. It “doesn’t work the way you think it works,” Tyson said. “But it works if you wanna pass a drug test…You take it out—it has somebody else’s urine [in it]—of course, you have to have clean urine in it and hope it’s not a woman’s urine that’s pregnant and they take a pregnancy test.”

Believe it or not but these are widely available on the net, including the Whizzinator which includes synthetic urine and allows the user to pass with a clean test.