Even if you’ve decided a last-minute holiday destination on a whim, spending time planning the trip’s most appropriate luggage can mean the difference between a streamlined adventure and a pain in the neck (literally).

Whether you’re heading to the mountains on a snowboarding adventure, hitting an as-yet unchartered metropolis or beach trip to somewhere humid, make sure your suitcase is not chosen at random (or worse still, the same variety for the three very holidays just mentioned).

What’s best: a rigid hard case, soft duffle or high tech backpack loaded up to the hilt? Read on to know.

1. Cabin-size carry-on hard case
These protect garments even on the most tormented of flights and have the right measures that guarantee a stash spot close to your seat. The new collaboration between Eastpak and Maison Kitsuné, who joined creative forces for an exclusive and limited edition collaboration, reinterprets five Eastpak must-have designs. Characterised by the iconic “Camo Fox” by Maison Kitsuné, the capsule collection that also includes a wheel-on that stands out for its red handles and white logo.

The four-print suitcase range by Prada

On the other hand, Prada’s printed soft wheeled suitcases possess a unique level of fun. The travel capsule includes a four-wheeler that extends that blends two institutional materials, Saffiano leather and gabardine fabric, also boasts black metal finishes and two wheels.

Each inherits the lines and aesthetic details of the iconic Prada backpack: soft body, expandable capacity and internal compartments designed to make it perfect for leisure and business travel. All suitcases are equipped with a new technology, a device called “Bag Tracker”, which connects baggage to the owner’s smartphone via a new app.

The North Face x VANS capsule collection duffle bag

2. Duffle bags or soft bags ideal for the weekend
The beauty of these is that they have plenty of space and the two handles can be slung over shoulders like a backpack if needed.  Weekend bags have their name for good reason – they’re the simplest thing to toss gear into before you toss them into the car boot. The North Face’s tough duffle bag is a classic that never goes out of style, but this winter it has collaborated with Vans for a capsule that for once has nothing to do with shoes. Vans has reinvented The North Face’s iconic Base Camp duffle bag, which had never been modified before, adding a skateboard strap and embroidered patches.

Backpack by Berluti

3. That old faithful travel bud, the backpack
The best is big enough for a couple of nights out of town, water resistant and have shoulder straps mean your back never gets taxed. The right backpack lets you travel fast (bike, train or otherwise) while leaving your hands free. Valentino has a great camouflage option (perfect for hiking or a night out) in hyper-technical nylon with side pockets and hiking laces. Berluti, on the other hand, offers new season backpacks inspired by technical mountaineering gear, that have a leather front pocket and a double rubber sole.

The Little Truckin ‘Goods by Freitag

5. Then there’s all the small bits
These are the pieces that can make or break a hyper-organised vacay: laundry bags, shoe bags, key rings, wallets, cases and multi-purpose pouches. These pictured by Freitag are all made with recycled truck tarpaulins (which would otherwise be wasted) for the new Little Truckin’ Goods collection. So handy, so necessary.