#SharpenYourFocus campaign with Henry Cavill. Credit: Supplied

As of June this year, British actor and international film star Henry Cavill is now the global ambassador for BOSS Eyewear. Best known for his performance as Clark Kent and Superman, the actor will first face the company’s new #SharpenYourFocus campaign. Wearing optical and sunglass models from the current collection, characterised by innovative details such as rubber frames, the campaign will transmit the concept of concentration, drive and vision.

Looking to sharpen the focus on whats important, BOSS Eyewear conducted Q&A to look in Cavill’s world. Take a read below and shop ICON’s eyewear picks.

How did you come to collaborate with BOSS eyewear and why was it appealing to you? “The partnership was appealing to me because I’ve always been a fan of classic styles and I feel that BOSS eyewear has done them remarkably well.”

Tell us about the campaign and your role in the campaign? “This campaign is all about focus, which is an essential part of what I do and achieving the goals that I want to achieve. So, naturally being the brand ambassador for this campaign is something that I enjoy doing!”

Which is your favourite BOSS eyewear style from the collection?  “The BOSS 0968/S is my favourite style from the collection. I own it in brown Havana with grey lenses.”

How would you say being focused applies to your acting career? “It applies in many many ways. Whether it be on a scene, developing a story to be made into a movie or tv program or training to achieve a physical look. Without it the best of one’s work won’t shine through.”

What do you do and where do you go when you need to reflect and re-focus? “Home. wherever that may be at the time. Wherever I have decided to lay my head and have my belongings. Once in a place of routine and steadiness it is vital for my refocusing process.”

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