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Where the Maison Louis Vuitton ventures great success follows. Opening up its repertoire to women’s parfum in 2016, last year saw the debut of a line of masculine counterparts. Seamlessly blending into a luxurious offering of fragrances, its minimalistic and elegant design has captured the attention of loyalists and newly-introduced customers alike. Now, setting sail for California, its portfolio will expand once more.

Created by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, fresh unisex fragrances have been added to Louis Vuitton portfolio. A notion of holidays, the very essence of the sun, sky, gardens and sea is captured and bottled into three renditions titled, Cactus Garden, Afternoon Swim and Sun Song. And as the name suggests, the eaux de parfum announce, enhance and prolong the feeling of summer.

Cactus Garden is a breath of fresh air as it lends a cool freshness, with the exotic infusion of powerful Calabrian bergamot and tangy lemongrass. Paying homage to his love of citrus, Belletrud looks to bergamot set against the fresh scent of mandarin to solidify Afternoon Swim. And as the embodiment of summer, Sun Song is an ode to the orange blossom. Combining the fragrant flower with vivacity of lemon, enveloping musks allow for a gentle yet equally bright finish.

LA based artist Alex Israel was invited to bring his signature West Coast style to the sunny scents, solidifying the collection in three bright bottles. Looking to the clean and refined design which has bottled previous fragrances, the packaging encompasses the notion of the season in a yellow, green and blue iteration.

Discover the collection at Louis Vuitton below.

Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim EDP 100ml / $350 AUD SHOP NOW

Louis Vuitton Cactus Garden EDP 100ml / $350 AUD SHOP NOW

Louis Vuitton Sun Song EDP 100ml / $350 AUD SHOP NOW