What can only be described as mesmerising, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC launched its latest campaign on social media yesterday for the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 season. Captured behind the isolated backdrop of Utan, this latest collection explores the familiar American landscape through an otherworldly lens, challenging the perception of the real and the imagined.

“The Fall 2018 collection is an allegory for a meeting of old worlds and new worlds, relating to the discovery of America, the 1960s Space Race, and the twenty-first century information age. Reflecting the notion of democracy, there is no cultural hierarchy: the mixes emancipate clothing and references from their meanings, from their own narratives, and collage them to discover something different – a different dream,” explains Raf Simmons.

Juxtaposing the collection with the futuristic landscape, previous CK collaborator Willy Vanderperre, warped perspectives play with size and perspective. Focussing on American Youth, the new collection includes a large range of knitwear, relaxed silhouettes and random colour blocking.

Set for release for the fall season, expect to see product drops very soon. Stay tuned.