For the past few days, Casa Morra launched a new space dedicated to contemporary art, showcasing exhibits desired by the collector Giuseppe Morra. The museum is housed in Palazzo Ayerbo D’Aragona Cassano, a splendid eighteenth-century complex located in the Materdei district of about 4200 square meters, which is set to be progressively renovated to house the rich collection of Giuseppe Morra which today boasts over 2,000 works.

Casa Morra is not merely an exhibition space, but an archive of contemporary art that is born to stimulate reflection and research in the field of visual arts. The project, part of a wider project of urban redevelopment nicknamed The Art District (conceived by Giuseppe Morra, Pasquale Persico, Nicoletta Ricciardelli and Francesco Coppola) aims to reconvert an entire area to close to the historic centre of Naples, where the Hermann Nitsch Museum Archive for Contemporary Arts workshop was set up in 2008 by the Morra Foundation.

The first exhibition presents an unprecedented dialogue between the works of John Cage, Marcel Duchamp and Allan Kaprow, three artists who made the stylistic code of their creative practice of randomness.