There is something to be said about a good fragrance, and if you can cop one with the ability to spark interest and adventure during the everyday, it usually means you’re onto a winner. That is the inspiration for Coach’s latest menswear fragrance – Coach Platinum.

As a heritage brand known and loved by the masses, Coach was founded in the heart of Manhattan and from 1941 their free-spirited attitude has continued to live on its products. Looking back to its roots of New York, Coach Platinum draws its inspiration – and more importantly its scent – from the great, all-American road, starting and ending in its home of New York City.

Like the classic American road-trip, the fragrance aims to spark and embody each man’s adventurous side. Defined by a warm and masculine contrast of floral notes – Clary Sage and Geranium – and refined woods – Cashmeran, Patchouli and Sandalwood – its unique and spirited scent ultimately comes from a cocktail of Black Pepper Oil, Pineapple and Juniper Berries. Finished off with the signature use of vanilla leather, this oriental fragrance becomes quintessential to the brand.

“I wanted to create a scent that captured the elegant way of life or a man who loves to escape from New York to feel the unique sensation of coming back to town,” says Bruno Iovanovic, the brains behind the fragrance.

The name and its identity however comes from its luxurious packaging. Encompassing the fragrance within a mirrored metal bottle, the design also celebrates Coach’s iconic design codes. Taking design cues from the original Coach bags in 1954, the turnlock-shaped spray cap embodies the original closure while the bottle is finished off with quality leather accents and the embossed horse-and-carriage logo.

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