When he was still in an acting school, he introduced himself with a black eye to a ‘casting’ and came out with Jon Snow’s paper under his arm. Seven seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ after, is already King in the North, Ambassador of The One, of Dolce & Gabbana, and poses exclusively for ICON

AT THESE HEIGHTS it is difficult to dissociate the born actor in Acton, London, on December 26, 1986 under the name of Christopher Catesby (Kit) Harington, with Jon Nieve, the  fictional character that since 2011 interprets in Game of Thrones, that tormented and melancholy bastard colic on a journey marked by his destiny. But let’s park for a few seconds the cathodic hero and let’s go to man After an intense morning of work with the actor, protagonist of the last campaign ode he One, Dolce & Gabbana fragrance that explodes that air of his cupid Mediterranean (brown eyes, Perfect skin, shimmering shiny hair), some ideas they are better fixed: although sometimes it seems a version Chemo’s playmobil, inside and outside the screen Its beauty does not admit discussion. He knows it, but his good British education prevents him from taking too much laughed and maybe that’s why he likes to joke about his (scarce) imperfections; smokes (enough) and is (also pretty) myopic; has some manners that my grandmother would applaud and a naturalness and empathy to be, besides the King in the North, also that of the party. To top it all, seasoned with that distant self-confidence of the genuine professionals of the show, that gift that allows them to undress and dress before your noses as if life passed in a happy mixed wardrobe. Jon Snow is intense, but Kit Harington not so much.

Dicharachero and nice, ensures that the announcement that He has filmed for Dolce & Gabbana in Naples at the of the Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone (Gomorra) has allowed to do something that he longed for: “Dance! I am one very cheerful person, “he says. “But unfortunately not Jon Neither snow nor most of the papers I do leave me show it”. The exploit of his Latin side seems to make him certain grace. “Although I’m very English, maybe it’s the hair, my mother had it very black, now not anymore, and my father I was blond, “he says, tracing the inheritance of a mane (in person, with more brown reflections than blacks). “As soon as the series ends I cut my hair, true, yes, the beard left me, I like my beard”, inform. Without a doubt, by his side things should be like that simple But his character in Game of Thrones complicates it all. So, when the actor leaves the script kindly

to ask for a billet about the Spanish Transition that the journalist has under her arm, the answer can only be of being a clumsy and nervous babbling. “Sounds interesting”, the actor responds with education.


Kit Harington is a relaxed and ambitious young Londoner cious, very far from that character he plays in the series and that he suffered the unspeakable during his childhood and adolescence because of its origin – being bastard imprints character-, that has been on the verge of death countless times (as- stunned, frozen, drowned, pierced by several arrows, stabbed …), and that he even set foot in the afterlife in one of the moments more to the limit of a series to the limit. In the years that have passed since the beginning of Game of thrones, both the actor and the character have won trust, weight and authority. “I had a bad time in the second and third season, “he explains. “The series was beginning to be very big and I was very obsessed with what the People thought of me. I needed to know all the time what others were born. In the end I ended up realizing that I could not do much in that sense, what’s important I was concentrating only on my work. ” The worst moment arrived  it the end of the sixth season: “Suddenly I became in the focus of attention, and that was very stressful. All my life hung from the suspense of the final chapter. It was a sen- Very unpleasant sation. Have I come to hate Jon Snow? No, sometimes it has frustrated me and sometimes it has worried me, but never hate him, the other way around, I love him! ” In 2009, when I was 23 years old and still studying in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, passed a test camera ba. It was the first of his life, but he convinced the creators of the series, David Benioff and DB Weiss. That Shy-shy boy, who showed up for casting with one eye purple for a fight in which according to his story he defended A friend’s girlfriend was perfect to play the son Bastard of Ned Stark. As happened with the rest of the Labor, Benioff and Weiss demonstrated their talent for endowing from body to the characters. They did not seek experience, bus- they were truthful, and Harington possessed in his withdrawn gesture that paradox that defines his character: a James Dean with sword, a reckless young man angry with the world and your circumstances “I’m flattered by the comparison with James Dean, but if there is something that unites them is the simplicity of their anguish, they are not very philosophical types, they are normal guys With very simple wishes, do not ask modern questions about his masculinity. And that raises another type of comple- I find it very attractive to me. Jon is the opposite  to a modern man, he is a warrior. The truth is that my main reference was always George’s own book RR Martin, and if there was something that I liked from the beginning it was that he was someone of few words “, the actor fiesa. “I love being so physical,” he adds, “and also that its natural place is the battlefield and the action. For me that has been the best. The only thing that I will really throw out of less is to interpret with a sword in the hand “.


Now, when the series is nearing its final stretch, the actor recapitulates what he has lived: “I have begun to compute what have meant all these years, although not really what I’ll do everything until the end comes and it’s gone definitive, “he says before explaining that it has been a circular and perfect experience. “It’s something very strange, it’s all a decade of my life. I started Game of Thrones when I en- I’m in my twenties and the program will end now that I’ve brought in the thirties. An incredible trip, for which I feel blessed. And not just for the success of the series – honestly, I do not know if I will do something that everyone sees- but because it has been a real pleasure to do it. And that mixture of success and pleasure, I do not think it’s so easy. ” An end stage that, according to him, arrives at the right time. “In

reality times have always been perfect. I already know what it is a boring answer, but it is the truth. Emotionally It will not be easy, but I’m lucky that it catches me in a Very stable moment of my life and I think I’ll get along. ” The balanced moment to which it refers has a lot what to do with his relationship with Rose Leslie, the Scottish actress who played in the series the wild Ygritte and that is her partner in real life for a couple of years. Does just a few weeks, the link of the famous little son of David and Deborah of Worcestershire was announced via periodic co, as tradition dictates.


His mother, a playwright and teacher of the left, and her father, entrepreneur who owns the title of baronet and that is connecting with Carlos II from England, they provide a fine pedigree in which there is no lack of the anecdotal: an ancestor of his, John Harington, is the

inventor of the toilet, also known in England in Your honor as I have John. What of the noble past makes him little grace, the question irritates you. On more than one occasion he has said that nothing could interest him less than the aristocracy. Is more, if it’s about class issues, it makes clear what they are his only interests: “I have been involved in helping refugees and I wish I had much more time to do it. “On fame, he maintains that for the time being he has Tell it without it being toxic. “However, to my parents, who are proud that I have a job and I like what I do, they worry. To my mother, especially. Fame is something very strange. For the moment, I can live it as a joke. Only last summer, in Greece, with Rose, the paparazzi They managed to irritate us a lot. They did not leave us alone. For the others, in London or elsewhere, I get along well. ” Raised between London and the Midlands, in the center of England, his parents’ theater hobby awoke vocation. Posts to fix a point without return in your love for the scene, highlights a proper name: Samuel Beckett. “I wanted to be an actor watching Waiting for Godot,” he explains. “[The characters of] Tarragon and Vladimir captured from such a My attention was that nothing was the same again. There were only two men talking about a stage, but for me that It was a revelation, genuine magic. I change my life. In Myself We used to go to the theater at least once a week. Or what you loved or hated it My brother hated him. I loved him. I’ve always wanted to be a theater actor, but after eight Years in a series I can not say the same. The truth is I have done very few professional works. The theater requires a lot of time and dedication and that’s something that until now I have not had. I do not rule out going back to school, follow another form with my training. ” For the moment, Harington has gotten into the skin of a

TV presenter involved in a case of pedophilia for the Canadian film Xavier Dolan he death

and life of John F. Donovan, along with Jessica Chastain, Na- Talie Portman and Susan Sarandon. And this November premieres on the BBC one of his first projects as a producer:

Gunpowder, a mini-series in which his family tree bursts logical. He plays Robert Catesby, a distant ancestor hers that was the brain of the Powder Conspiracy of November 5, 1605, whose symbol was the famous Guy Fawkes, whom they may identify with the most ubiquitous face of the comic and the movie V of vendetta. To celebrate the failure of that Catholic rebellion, which he planned to do blow up the parliament, they light up every year On that night, you have bonfires all over England. “It would be absurd to say that I do it because it is the story of an ancestor, really, there is nothing personal in this story, “he says.

Your agent enters the room with some new glasses optical arrivals. Harington tries them and asks if they look good “They are gold!” He boasts. It is left on to check how you have left the clothes chosen for the sion of photos for ICON Spain. He jokes about his stature: “Okay, I put on my coat, but if I look like a dwarf, I take it off. ” Then, you go up to the sofa of the suite to see full-length in the mirror that crowns the fireplace fourth. Like a child who jumps on the furniture of a palace answers a question about its null relationship with social networks: “My theory is this: if the producers look at social networks, and I know that they do, and another actor has more followers than me, They will treat him before me. But if I do not have Instagram, at least they will always have the doubt. Actually, what it happens to me is that I do not like social networks, none, I guess because I’m very concerned about my privacy. Although thinking about it well and taking into account the of followers that Game of Thrones has, surely what I am is an idiot for denying me. ” Finished the monologue gets off the couch, reaches his pack of cigarettes and leaves the room solemnly. No matter how hard I try, it does not leave the wake of a man but that of a hero with a sword.