London film company Dogwoof has recently announced the creation of a new documentary, centred around iconic designer Martin Margiela. Little information is known about the new project or whether the designer himself will feature in the film itself, but it has been confirmed Margiela will be consulting.

“We’re thrilled to work on the story of such an enigmatic and mysterious designer… extraordinarily, it’s the first time Margiela has agreed to be part of any film about his life or work.”

Martin Margiela is known for his revolutionary designs starting from the ’80s. Staring his career under Jean Paul Gautier, the designer found himself showing his very first collection in 1989. With the influence of the likes of Japanese label Commes des Garcon, headed by Rei Kawakubo, Margiela followed with wide silhouettes and oversized garments, now a trademark for the label. And by experimenting with the construction of garments, including seams on the exterior, he formed the concept of deconstructionism.

What sets this man apart however, is his mysterious identity, still relatively unknown. He was never seen during collection showcases and has reportedly never been present for an interview. There is only one confirmed photo of him on the internet, taken back in 1997. Coinciding with his secret life, his branding is also minimal – featuring only his name and the number 0 – 23.

Despite his avant-garde designs, he has appealed to the masses, particularly a younger demographic through Kanye West’s 2013 world tour in which the artist wore all outfits designed by Martin Margiela. From the face masks to the futuristic shoes, the designer was put in view by a larger audience.

A release date has not yet been announced, but we will eagerly wait for incoming news. Stay tuned.