Alternate music duo Die Antwoord has had a busy month with not only the release of a new video clip for ‘Alien’, but the announcement of their final album. Yes, FINAL.

Released earlier this month, the duo dropped a creepy yet fascinating video, supporting Alien which was included in their 2016 album Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid. Produced by Ninja, the scenes follow Yolandi as she struggles to find companionship in a dark and deserted Detroit.

Following the release, the South African duo took to Twitter announcing that their final EP would be entitled 27, featuring 27 tracks. It is said that the songs will be released randomly and “unusually” over the course of the next year with the main drop featuring 10 songs. The album will comprise of a range of collaborations between Die Antwoord’s favourite artists –  “most of these artists are (still) kinda unknown and from South Africa.”

In addition, the pair are set to create a feature film. Stay tuned for additional info as new music is release.