What is the first thing you think of when the name Harvey Specter comes to mind? If you’re a long time fan of the show Suits, then we bet that Harvey’s impeccable dressing standards would be it. And we don’t blame you.

Considered the James Bond of the high-stakes court room, Harvey provides a masterclass in suitable attire. “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.” Thank you, Sir.

Get Harvey’s Best Looks

The Harvey Specter style incorporates sharp and polished details within all of his suits – close cut, peak lapels and flapped pockets – while his shoulders are strong and there is a firmness in the sleeve heads, which creates a powerful look, to his confident persona.

He avoids suits that exaggerate his shoulders and arms, allowing for a modern and contemporary fit. He tends to steer clear of of extremely-wide lapels, heavy pinstripes, braces, cutaway collars and statement socks which is becoming increasingly out-dated.

The Three-piece Suit

One thing that actor Harvey does well is the three-piece. A three-piece suit allows for easy, understated style without having to bother with colours and patterns. Once you find the perfect fit, keep the ensemble tonal with the addition of a simple white shirt, matching tie and subtle lapel detail on the waist coat. Harvey always leaves the button undone and even when his jacket is off, he looks top-notch.

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Winter Wear

When the weather gets colder it seems that Harvey’s style excels, extending his pristine suiting to his outerwear.

To brave the winter mornings in New York, the character always opts for a structured, peak lapel, three-quarter coat. For added warmth, he always subtly adds a cashmere scarf, low and tight around his neck to keep his polished style in-check.

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Legal Formalities

Once in a while the Suits men have to chuck on a tuxedo for next-level class, and as always Harvey delivers. Setting the benchmark for superior formal style, without succumbing to the cummerbund, allowing for a more contemporary look.

Keeping it classic with a peak lapel suit and pleated dress shirt, Harvey goes one step further with a diamond-point bow tie which is a stylish alternative to the standard round bow-tie.

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Finish off the look

Harvey always keeps it simple, whilst avoiding to over-accessorise his tailoring, occasionally adopting a neatly folded pocket-square for special events.

He looks to classic textiles like dark, high-twist worsted wools or wool-blends with a touch of silk for added luxury (we recommend not going to crazy on the silk to avoid dating your look). He steers clear from most pattern and opts for a plain, monochrome ensemble – if blue is thrown into the mix it is always an elegant navy. He also keeps his cufflinks simple on a French cuff.

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