Credit: Under Armour

This year, Under Armour announced its latest collaboration dubbed ‘Project Rock’. Under Armour has been a big name in sportswear for years now, but coming together with Dwayne Johnson for Project Rock, the partnership is offering an innovative product line. Similarly, as Dwayne Johnson is a popular actor who is known for his physicality, Project Rock is noted for its durable practicality under all circumstances.

Project Rock was launched in 2019 and carries a full range of products for men, women and children. Since Project Rock was inspired by one of Hollywood’s hardest working men, it is no surprise that the products are robust as well. The sturdy, rugged finishes are complemented by a distinctive bull logo and this logo is represented across the entire Project Rock line.

The line started with tennis shoes, but has expanded dramatically. Project Rock now features bags, shirts, hats, water bottles and more but perhaps most notably, people have been particularly fond of the headphones and earbuds from the collab. The headphones from Project Rock are made for durability, and they feature wireless technology that charges for up to 16 hours and connects via Bluetooth to your music of choice. The wireless earbuds are just as powerful with a smaller profile to support users during intense work

Project Rock has been popular in the United States, but it has also enjoyed popularity at Under Armour locations around the world. Currently, Project Rock is a prominent part of the company’s UK store, and Project Rock has also been included in Under Armour’s recent expansion to India.

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