Credit: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Calling sneakerheads one and all, eBay is changing its selling policy. In a bid to compete with reseller giants Stock X and Stadium Goods, the OG platform is making it less expensive for sellers to use the service. First reported by Business Insider, the e-commerce site is eliminating fees for North American sellers on any sneaker sold for $US100 or more for the first time. Considering sneakers have sold for upwards of $20,000 in the past on competitor sites, the seller fees are a hefty profit with many opting to use their own sites. However according to data, six million sneakers were sold on eBay in 2019, alone.

Contributing to a multi-billion dollar industry, eBay also believes the recent policy change will grow the reselling business, not just its own.

“For our community of diehard sneakerheads, eliminating selling fees allows them to turn their kicks into more cash to fund future purchases, and results in a more robust sneaker inventory for shoppers everywhere,” Jeff Chan, eBay’s head of men’s footwear and apparel said.

“As the originator of the sneaker resale game, eBay continues to be a top source for emerging and collectible styles, and with high demand, we want our sellers and buyers to get in on the action.”

In addition, it truly is Christmas for any Yeezy fans as eBay has also announced it is partnering with Stadium Goods for a series of Yeezy drops until Friday. Keep close to the site for further information.