Teaming up with El Humendal Research, TAAR architects have designed an eco-friendly and fully sustainable research space in Mexico. TAAR – which stands for Taller de Arquitectura de Alto Rendimiento (translated as High Performance Architecture Workshop) designed the space into an impressive structure which fuses humans and nature.

The El Humendal research lab analyses and documents the facility as well as other areas, looking at everything from edible forests to the workings of ecosystems.

The facility lives by “no waste” and “net-zero”, two policies that ensure that the site is fully reliant on its own resources. El Humendal includes a fully constructed wetland, organic orchard, edible forest, and has harvested 130,000 litres of rain water for internal use, while also treating sewage water through treatment plants. Electricity is provided through the venue’s thermos-solar panels and photovoltaic panels.

Take a tour below.