For a coastal holiday with a difference, you can now experience everything South Africa’s coast has to offer with Morukuru Beach Lodge. Located within the De Hoop Nature Reserve on the country’s Western Cape, the resort provides endless comfort and exploration.

A three-hour drive from Cape Town, not only does the reserve provide rolling sand dunes, limestone cliffs and exotic rock pools, the area offers spectacular views of the Indian Ocean where whales and a new range of wildlife can be seen. With coastal safaris and marine walks, you are able to explore at your own will, allowing for an customised experience.

Back at the resort, you stay at one of five suites within the lodge, with sleek rooms and a glass wall overlooking the coast, with spacious bathrooms and beautifully decorated living spaces. Due to its remote location, the space has been developed with the environment in mind. All electricity is produced through solar panels and pellet burners providing underfloor heating. Food and activities are all included in the daily rates.

For more information, including where to book, visit the online website.