Following Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana into the lifestyle sector, Italian fashion house Fendi have joined forces with the team at SCIC Italia for a new line of designer kitchens. True to the aesthetic of the company, the Cucine Professional Kitchen has been unveiled and we all want a piece of it.

Designed by architect Marco Costanzi, FENDICUCINE represents two contrasting kitchen models. The first named “Kurkum” is characterised by a dark colour palette with sleek metal accents. Comprising of a massive island, the model is finished off with stainless steel hardware for a “masculine” aesthetic.


Contrastingly, the collaboration also offers the “Ginger” kitchen model. Again, comprising of a large cook-top island, the kitchen utilises Calacatta gold marble and copper bronze metal for a more feminine appeal, with both styles incorporating Fendi branding at every turn. Everything from the countertops to the Grand Cuisine appliances, has been chosen with the highest attention to detail.


For more information on each model, visit the website.