Ford is known well for its GT series and after two generations of the street-legal racing car, the American company has introduced its next rendition of the model, paying tribute to the original 1960’s GT40. Following the 2005 and later 2017 model, the new GT Carbon Series promises to be even faster and more efficient than ever.

Like its predecessors, the 2019 Carbon Series is for high-performance driving and by ditching the normal luxuries of a standard car – think cup holders, side door storage and even a boot – this car is not for comfort, but will sure feel good on the road. Now constructed with carbon fibre wheels, a titanium exhaust, titanium wheel nuts and a lightweight polycarbonate rear hatch, with additional venting, the Carbon Series is said to be at least 18kg lighter than previous models. And with a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, 647 horsepower and aerodynamically designed, the GT handles like a professional race-car, while having flexibility for the streets.

Making the Ford GT Carbon Series stand-out from the previous models, the car will be emblazoned with racing stripes, while the body panels and A-pillars come in exposed carbon fibre – a testament to the name. And for those who missed out on the GT supercar, it is reported that Ford will increase production to 1,350 units, with at least 50 of those being Carbon Series models.

To learn more about the model, visit the Ford website here.