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After following Frank Gallucci when he was still working for Suitsupply just a few years ago, he was already considered one to watch. Starting his fashion and lifestyle blog in 2013, the young 27-year-old slowly became a style icon. From an athlete to model, Milan Fashion Week and Pitti Uomo helped his rise to fame, establishing himself as a flag for Italian style, taking distance from anyone else in the digital industry.

In a digital world dominated by try hards and copycats you always look so effortless in what you wear, what does the word ‘style’ mean to you?

“Honoured by your words because wearing effortlessly is something really difficult; I honestly think it’s a sort of DNA that all the Italians have. If you go around Italy you can really admire old people with such an incredible style and those people are the first example for us… For me style means so many things, it’s a way to live, it’s a way of thinking, it’s a way to act… Style doesn’t mean wearing well just for an event or occasion but it means paying attention everyday not only in what you’re wearing. Style means your apartment, your daily routine, your passions, your life in general.”

What did you want to do differently from any other influencer?

“I’m always myself. One of my “mantras” is: please don’t be a copy of none… Since the first day I soon understood that it’s not just a picture or video on social media but it’s so important to communicate your personality, your vision and your idea differently…And then: coherence, coherence, coherence. That’s so difficult, but it’s just with that, you can make the difference.”

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Time changed form when we started this game, and now the standard of competition is getting higher and higher. What would you suggest to someone who wants to start the influencer career through social media?

“I started this game more or less, 5 years ago. At that time competition was high, but now it’s so massive and today the only weapon we can have is being different from many point of views. Nowadays there is an over-exposition and I honestly think we’ve arrived to a saturation: no space anymore, unless someone is able to show and give something really special and unique. In the same time, it’s still true that we are going towards an evolution and we have to figure out what will be the real change, and if we could have a primary role in the future as a different player.”

Italy is such a small country comparing with the rest of the world, but yet Italians are always taken by example when it comes to style. What do we do differently?

“I always say that we are just different and not the best. I strongly believe we are so lucky because we were born in a country where we are surrounded by beauty in every corner…Examples for the world? Oh probably yes, the answer is almost always: “less is more”. We are used to wearing easily. Real beauty resides in the simplicity. We start from the concept that we need three keys to be in the right way: proportion, colour and volume… These points are able to create that harmony which is the focus of the Italian.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

“I have a general project for my life and I am working everyday to build up my career. I think everyone of us should have in mind a goal to reach and once you know [what it] is, you should walk in that direction with coherence and strategy. I already work as a style consultant but I would like to become always more skilled in this field and why not, build up a brand with my vision and my perception of style, spreading it to the world.”

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What’s your opinion on the Menswear scene nowadays?

“[The] menswear scene is getting bigger, it’s a real perception. So many men pay attention much more now then before and this is so interesting. Of course the market belongs to the feminine universe: I can say that’s a sort of cake where womenswear represents 70% of the market and menswear 30%. Nowadays social media surely helps the situation: how? The answer is easy: usually men are more lazy than women; but the use of social networks with so many ideas through images and video helped us to keep alive our desire to be on point or at least to be updated with the new trend or style in general. Day by day, I am knowing people who really converted their interest on menswear, on the art of clothing just because they follow profiles on Instagram who made them fall in love with it.”