Vietnam is known for its exotic food, history and spectacular beaches, but as of June this year you can now view the landscape of the country from a whole other level – quite literally. Situated amongst the mountains above Da Nang, sits the historic tourist area of Ba Na Hills, holding the ‘Golden Bridge’.

Credit: News Examiner

Established by French colonists in 1919, the resort of Ba Na Hills once held 200 Villas and whilst only a few ruins remain, the area has proven to be a hugely popular tourist spot. Emerging from the trees of the Thien Thai Garden, the Golden Bridge is supported by two giant stone hands, sitting at 1,400 meters above sea-level and provides panoramic views on the South-East Asian country.

Designed through concepts rendered by TA Landscape Architecture, the bridge spans for 150 meters lined with Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers, for further colour and texture. Accessible by the worlds longest single-cable non-stop cableway in the world, the cableway opened in 2013 stretches for 5,801 meters, and gives visitors the sense of walking on the clouds.

Reportedly part of a $2 billion project, the bridge and its surrounding areas hope to entice tourists to visit the country. Known traditionally as “Cau Vang”, the bridge is quickly becoming one of the most loved areas of Vietnam to photograph.