More unexpected than GUCCI presenting the Cruise 2019 collection in an eery cemetery? Showing in Provence, France. Continuing with Michele’s fascination of the French culture, the presentation encompassed around the Promenade Des Alyscamps which bodered ancient tombs from 4 A.D.

Image: @gucci Instagram

Scheduled for 9:30pm, the show was a clear display of the Italian fashion house’s gothic and 20th century rendition of streetwear. Taking to Twitter, Michele said his inspiration for the show came from the concept of death – “It’s the idea of death as fascination”.

Despite the dark and confronting backdrop, the pieces within the collection lent itself to more wearable street wear and key staple pieces, from silk shirts to check blazers and coats. The most note worthy pieces of the night however included the velvet, sequin and electric wet-look pants found on the runway as well as exotic floral knitwear. Take a look through the menswear below.