Credit: Twitter @neonloose

So no one told you life was going to be this way? Well neither, and in the latest mind-blowing turn of events, a deep dive into the Twitter-sphere has revealed Harry Styles‘ true style muse. And it’s not who you’d think. In fact, we’re low-key annoyed we didn’t come up with it.

While legendary television sitcom, Friends has long been a source of old-school style inspiration along with endless laughs (to this day I can still hear Ross screaming “PIVOT” every time I’m shifting furniture) Monica Geller is providing all the looks for the international rockstar. Taking to the stage and the street in bold colour and avant garde prints – did anyone say Gucci?! – it appears that Styles is too a fan of the ’90s series.

Thanks to a twitter thread from @neonloose, Geller and the musician share the same taste in fashion. Whether it be the colour of his shirt, a cool print or in some cases, a full look – see, black t-shirt and high waisted pinstripe pants – the thread is incredibly satisfying to scroll through. And in his own words, “I feel like Monica from Friends.” 

Coincidence? I think not. Be right back, I’ll be re-watching the entire 10 seasons for more uncanny resemblances. Check out the thread below.