You know the bottle and you know the name and with a heritage brand comes the fascination of what happens behind closed doors. Situated an hour southwest of Glasgow, Scotland sits the Hendrick’s Gin Palace and surrounded by perfectly manicured gardens, the structure is a Victorian-style marvel.

Custom-designed to fit the aesthetic of the brand, the complex uses Victorian-era references while fusing a modern and updated take on the overall design. Highlighted by a walled garden that leads to the palm house, two new still houses that create the famous gin serve as the centrepiece of the factory while inside, all six of the distillery’s stills, including an antique copper pot still that dates back to 1860, are housed.

To create and develop the ingredients and flavours that are found in the spirits, two botanical hot houses can also be found at the gin palace, with the company’s Master Distiller Lesley Gracie working from the in-house lab, lecture theatre and bar.

For more information on Hendrick’s Gin, visit the website here.