Credit: Tesla

What is the first model you think of when electric car company, Tesla is mentioned? We can bet that as one of the company’s most sought after designs, the Model 3 first comes to mind and with technological advances announced continuously and a mid-range design hitting the market, it is no wonder people are lining up to join the club.

Boasting modern convenience with a 15″ touchscreen, WiFi and cellular capabilities, voice activated controls and keyless entry, the electric system is equipped with the latest innovations without failing to deliver on power. With an acceleration starting from 0 – 97km/h in 5.6 seconds in the standard rendition, the model which was first advertised as a family car in 2008 is now bringing in the younger generation, experience car enthusiasts and eco-warriors alike, all wanting to get in on the future of automotive.

But how exactly is the Tesla Model 3 built? While the American company is building some of the most advanced cars in the world, it still requires many hands, and to demonstrate just how it’s done Tesla has released a 48-second time lapse of an empty shell to the creation of the final product – a fully equipped EV Model 3.

Watch the video below.