Have you noticed lately the rise of the pinroll? Scattered all over the pages of influencers’ Instagram pages, the pinroll is the perfect way to style your jeans and chinos for the perfect fit. Also known as French rolling, pegging and raga rolling, the art to achieve the proper look can prove to be tricky without a little know-how, but fear not, we have you covered.

Born in the 1950’s, pinrolling is not just a way to shorten your hem, but also tapers, slims and evens out your proportions while showing off your latest kicks. Stay tuned for a step-by-step process.

The best style of pants to pinroll

When pinrolling your jeans, it is best to opt for straight, tapered or slim jeans. Heavier materials work best as they will weigh down the roll and and will sit better. Try to avoid boot cuts and flares as the excess material will create too much bulk and that goes for dad jeans too.

If you’d like to pinroll chinos, again look for a heavier and slimmer style to ensure the roll will not unravel during the day. Shop our picks below.

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How to pinroll 

  1. Firstly, take the inner part of the bottom of your jeans, and pull it tight around the ankle. Fold backwards so that the inner seam is at the back of the fold, facing out.
  2. Make the fold as tight as possible then fold upwards, making sure you keep the initial fold intact.
  3.  From here, fold the cuff all the way around your leg, remembering that it’s important to keep it all looking neat and avoid it getting too bulky. The fold itself should be one-to-two inches high.
  4. Repeat the above, depending on the length of your pants, until you reach your desired length.
  5. Adjust to straighten out the leg of the pant and then do the above on the other leg.

How to style the pinroll

Once you’ve mastered the art of pinrolling, the only thing left to do is add a pair of kicks.

Basic white trainers are the best and most classic pairing for the pinroll, but other formal styles are also a great addition for a slightly smarter look. Have a go at boat shoes, loafers, smarter boots and brogues but steer clear of the oxford which is too formal for the casual trend. The style looks best sock-less, but if you’re not keen on ankle freezers then socks in a tonal colour will also work.

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