As IKEA continues to explore the abstract, the Swedish powerhouse has joined forces with NASA for a transcendent range of furniture. Entitled RUMTID, which translates to “space-time”, the collection draws inspiration from the concept of life in space.

Exploring urban life in small spaces using modularity and mobility, the project is broken up into four different product ranges that focus on time, space, water and air. The most noteworthy creations from the range include a redesigned air purifier, interior terrarium capsule and a modular block-based furniture system made of a new lightweight material made of recycled wood veneer and waste that is rolled into hollow tubes.

“By cutting the tubes in different lengths and joining them, we can build almost anything, whether it’s sofas, cabinets, beds or anything else,” said creative leader Micahel Nikolic.

To get your hands on the collaboration, you will have to wait until 2020, but take a look below and plan your shopping list.