In Korea, the freedom of expression through fashion has long contrasted the greying generations who sit high in the upper echelons of the country’s parliament. With the arrival of Instagram, however, in 2010 – and thus the world becoming more closely connected – those K-POP sartorial sensibilities have trickled down to Australia and namely to one brilliant, Perth-based influencer named @jacko.blythe. Mixing his love of #koreanstreetstyle with #architecture, Blythe (who is studying at university to eventually land a job in laboratory medicine) now boasts a strong following of cohorts who are watching him redefine how Australians wear streetwear – and how even a reserved Perth-sider can adopt bits from K-POP teens roaming Seoul’s Gangham district.

Listing @ader_error and @naras._ as inspirational accounts he follows, Blythe says he scours Instagram’s Explore Feed to massage and create his unique style. “I love getting out of my comfort zone and going somewhere new to take a photo,” says Blythe. “I search for content through Explore. I’ll go onto Explore and just whatever comes up where I think the composition of the image is amazing or the outfit is amazing – the colours, the way it’s layered or fitted on someone – that’s how I find all my inspiration. Just scrolling through looking at random people or pages.”

“When I see people on Explore at a great location, I’ll want to go there because I’ll want to create an image like that,” he continues. “Therefore, looking through Explore gives me location, it gives me outfits, it gives me an image that I think is curated perfectly, it gives me artistic inspiration – it gives me everything that I need. It’s not just ‘Look at my outfit’, or ‘Look at the background’, it’s like, the whole thing is a creative piece of art.”

Below, ICON dives into Blythe’s Explore Feed as he takes us through his own Instagram User Manuel.


Mixing Blythe’s love of Korean street style and Australia’s love for sport, @d_antidote is a relatively new account you should be following. Founded in 2017 by Central Saint Martins alum Hwansang Park, the label’s first collection paid homage to 1996 film Space Jam and NBA great Michael Jordan. There were basketballs as bags, sweatbands with Jackson’s famous number 23 emblazoned on them, mesh shirts and intergalactic-feeling metallic tracksuits.


@Vibrate_official was originally a hat brand founded by Kim Yong Pyo in 2015. Today, the designer has started pulling puffers (the full-length variety is in huge demand in South Korea right now) serving Blythe’s affinity for a sick coat. The latest iteration is this deconstructed, utilitarian style with pocketing from hood to hem. Harping back to its roots, the brand’s hat game is still strong and it’s love affair with the bucket hat is a style staple for Blythe.

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Across the Pacific Ocean, @joethommas is an American travel and architecture photographer who photographs #newyorkcity from a new perspective by detailing lesser known, lesser iconic locations. In his signature amber light, Thomas’ cinematic take makes the cobblestone streets of Greenwich Village and old industrial archways of Dumbo appear romantic and charming – and a perfect roadmap for Blythe’s backdrops should he venture East.

Krista Rossow (@kristarossow) is a contributing photographer at juggernaut @natgeotravel and takes her 61K following to nooks of the world you didn’t know existed. Whether it be shots taken from inside a hot air balloon at the #Albuquerque Balloon Festival or while touring the third largest mosque in the world in #morocco or atop of a rooftop opposite the #NotreDame gargoyles, Blythe’s love for adventure and composition is served.

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For more inspiration, direct from Jacko Blythe, check out his Instagram here. And hit your own explore page to influence your own style.