When you share the same first and last name as a famous Vermont blacksmith who invented the first American electric motor – a device that quite literally changed the entire world – well, it’s seems apt then that you, too, would make your mark. For Australian model Thomas Davenport, he first did just this via his Tumblr – a collection of sartorial images with his inked-up chest and limbs almost always creeping a cameo. Discovered via the social media platform, the Melbourne-bred model gained representation with agencies in Melbourne, Sydney and Shanghai. Today, however, it’s his Instagram that keeps us and his 250K audience engaged, the digital soapbox unofficially touting him an influencer par excellence and style connoisseur.

Known for a good pair of belted baggy trousers, an open linen shirt circa Leo DiCaprio 1996, layered chains and a smoking cigarette, Davenport says he finds style inspiration through his Instagram Explore Feed. “I’ll always make sure I’m engaging, liking, commenting and saving [accounts I like] so Instagram will recognise the pages that I’m liking. It’s almost like my Explore Page is a curated section of things that appeal to me,” he explains. “Then, if I’m looking for inspiration, I’ll definitely go through my saved section on my Instagram and scroll through and see if there’s an outfit there that I can put together with my own wardrobe.”

“What I’m vibing at the moment is asymmetrical #colourblocking worn with baggy #trousers or jeans often in an ivory or beige colour,” Davenport continued. “I’m seeing a lot of unconventional #layering too, so like a t-shirt over the top of a jumper – I think that’s really cool. To mix it up a bit, I’ll often wear a super baggy pant – like a #corduroy fabric with a white tank tucked in and a leather blazer over the top.”

Below, ICON dives into Davenport’s Explore Feed as he takes us through his own Instagram User Manuel.


While #corduroy is traditionally not worn in the warmer months, if you play it like Davenport with an open shirt or indeed no shirt, you have yourself a deal. Vast-cut pants from @ourlegacy are a perfect example of how to combine bold textures with equally bold cuts. Founded in Stockholm in Sweden in 2005 by designers by Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén, check this trailblazer account out, notably it’s interpretation of formal dress, and #wideleg, flamboyant #trousers for the modern man.

Founded on art, design and chaos in 2001 by #streetartist, illustrator and an all-round rebellious guy Shepard Fairey, @obeyclothing is known for its political and socially provocative designs – and penchant for #colour across its tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, skateboards, sneakers and hats. Upon its inception, Fairey literally had no fears and transformed Cold War-inspired images into a new graphic trend. Admittedly, it fell off the grid for a little while but after an impressive FW18 collection, it has reasserted itself a place in today’s #streetwear canon. (Editor’s note: When it comes to hashtags, be mindful to always search both the Australian and American spelling of “colour”.)

Davenport prefers an “effortless look” and @niqueclothing’s minimalistic colour-way and cool cuts play into that aesthetic. Combined with his love for leather, this glossy patent Totoro jacket from the clothing giant may appear in the model’s Explore Feed – and serve as inspiration for his next layering job with said corduroys.

Search Instagram for the following hashtags: #colourblocking, #colorblocking, #layering, #corduroy, #leather, #streetwear


Davenport’s body is somewhat of a mural to women, skulls and wildlife and a defining feature of his style. How a certain trouser or chain will look is given an entirely new iteration sitting atop the tattooed backdrop of its wearer. Accounts like @gristletattoo – a custom #tattoo parlour in #Williamsburg in #NewYork – produce dainty, meticulously detailed black line work, with #watercolour pieces by renowned NYC artist @BarisYesilbas. Everyone at Gristle works with #veganink, and the shop doubles as a gallery and hosts fundraisers which help animal rescues, ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

With less fine line work and more dense graphics, @10thousandfoxestattoonyc sits in line with Davenport’s current tattoos. In a landscape of American traditional and Japanese-style ink options, #10ThousandFoxes is one of NYC’s few neo-traditional focused shops. Studying in Barcelona in Spain, the parlour’s co-founder, Manu Cruz, and his partners produce cool pieces with bold lines, shading and colours that would suit Davenport’s affinity for blood red.

Search Instagram for the following hashtags: #tattoo#brooklyn

For more inspiration, direct from Thomas Davenport, check out his Instagram here. And hit your own explore page to influence your own style.