In support of his latest series “Kidding” now showing on STAN in Australia, Jim Carrey appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. With the promotion of the series seeming the last thing on his mind, the actor got off topic – producing 15 minutes of interesting viewing.

As he first walked onto set greeting host Bill Maher, Carrey took the opportunity to show his support for Nike and Colin Kaepernick. Throwing his feet on the desk, he sported Don C Nike Air Jordan Legacy 31, calling them “freedom-friendly Nikes”. He also made note of the company and NFL player, thanking them for their “fantastic choice”.

The comment comes after Kaepernick’s Nike campaign sparked controversy across the globe, with fans burning their shoes and causing racism debates. Despite criticism on his “take the knee” protests, Carrey among many others have backed the player.

During the interview, Carrey went on to speak of his strong views of Trump. “We have a president who started when our country was together, and we [already] had a wonderful leader, and he is tearing us limb from limb, destroying every institution that was special to us.” Carrey goes on to say, “He is a car salesman, a used car salesman, and he didn’t make America great again, he turned back the odometer.”

Check out the trailer to Jim Carrey’s Kidding below and stream on STAN now.