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Nowadays, fashion is no longer just ‘fashion’ and with the rise of social media and a greater social awareness amongst younger generations, brands and companies have a new-found responsibility. With platforms ultimately shaping our culture, it is G-Star RAW who is making a stance and following on from its FW/18 campaign, ‘Uniform of the Free‘, Ruby Rose has joined the movement.

In time for Spring/Summer 2019 G-Star is inviting its followers to “own it” with Ruby Rose and Jon Kortajarena facing the next campaign. Aimed at strengthening unique personalities, it is the confident, the outspoken and the rule breakers – or perhaps, rule makers – who are encouraged to speak out. And who better to lead, than two stars in their fields.

Credit: Supplied

Not just a Spanish model and actor, while Kortajarena could cut glass with his jawline he also looks to cut through to his followers with messages of green peace and sustainability. On the other hand Australian actress, model and presenter Ruby Rose is the epitome of standing out, unapologetically a huge advocate for gender fluidity and continually strives to educate society on sexuality.

Shot on the streets of Barcelona, the pair joined to solidify the vision of, ‘It’s you. Own it’. Draped in G-Star denim, the pair captivate an audience as they bring life to reimagined workwear and classic silhouettes, all designed to shape to the wearers personality – that being what ever the person desires. It is fierce, captivating, yet accessible and empowering as it drives fans of the G-Star RAW brand to a fresh perspective of living. In the words of Ruby Rose:

“I’ve always been a fan of G-Star, their attitude really aligns with my passion and respect for our planet. In this specific campaign, I love how G-Star RAW motivates us to embrace who we are and feel confident in doing so. Denim has a magical way of attributing to that confidence.”

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